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Ultimate on-line gaming solution

The real game (as in real casino) played via internet. Everyone talks with everyone, seeing everyone, biting, harassing, annoying,,, real cards , real odds , real people,  the way casino  game experience should be.
Live dealer V.C.G (video conference gamming)  is the ultimate on-line  gaming solution, ultimate on-line gaming experience,  ultimate reliability.
The maximum possible terms to bring the online gaming  world match to the real  casino world., Can be applied to any gambling table - B.J, Poker, Dice, Baccart,,,

FYI, All current  industry  live  dealer solutions, are partial derivatives of our invention, As you can see in our patent files (
Our solutions given name is V.C.G (video conference gamming). V.C.G  is the only way  to manufacture products with the ultimate on-line  gaming experience.

V.C.G ( video conference gamming) Live dealer gamming
Voice communication between all  game participants

No voice communication between  game participants

(only by chat box – voice only by dealer)
Visual communication between all  game participants No visual communication between  game participants

Hidden cards secure  channel  for designated player

(Required for poker game)

None solution

NO LIVE DEALER POKER !!! (over 50% industry share)
Multichannel video transmission One-way video transmission
Solutions backed by intellectual property assets Solutions available to all


Luber Tech offers exclusive Live Dealer patents for sale

"Live Dealer industry grew exponentially in the last few years", says Lubar's CEO, Yaki Refaeli.
"Despite the big success, there is no solution for 'Live Dealer cam' where players and dealer can see each other and talk in real time.
This is mostly important for Live Dealer poker where people need more interaction with each other.
Poker revenues are 60% of the traditional online gaming industry.
'Live Dealer cam' and other related aspects are protected by Lubar's worldwide patents.
Companies acquiring Lubar patents will be able to offer exclusive Live Dealer gaming experience".

With the latest release of Flash player (supporting Acoustic Echo Cancellation and P2P video streaming) and Google's Chrome Videoconferencing WebRTC project (, creating multiplayer 'Live Dealer cam' solutions is easier than ever.

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