By integrating videoconferencing with online gaming, real casinos around the world can offer players the ability to remotely participate in Blackjack, Poker, Dice, Roulette and many other popular games offered by the casino using their existing equipment and personnel. Players around the world will enjoy accessibility to their favorite Casinos from their home computer.

Players are able to see and talk with the dealer and the other players as if they were sitting around the same Casino table.

The player behaves as he would in a real Casino. He talks to the dealer and gets messages on the PC screen. It’s the complete Casino experience.

Lubar VCG (Videoconferencing Gaming) technology provides:

  • scalability (can be extended to support large amount of Casino tables)
  • secured (all the video and audio traffic is encrypted and secured)
  • randomness: by using real cards and casino dealer, the element of randomness is preserved
  • realism: players can play remotely in their favorite casino experiencing the real casino atmosphere without leaving their home

Main components
Casino table equipment:
  • Cameras to capture the dealer and table views
  • Encoder: compress the cameras video streams and send them to the streaming server
  • Console: the dealer uses Lubar innovative Casino table console application to control the game flow and communicate with the remote players by seeing them and talking to them
Game logic:
  • executes the games logic and enforce their rules
  • Manage the remote players accounts
  • Communicate with the “Table console” to get the player’s moves and inform about the next game state
  • Control the streaming server, video mixing and distribution
Steaming server:
  • Receives video streams from the Casino table cameras
  • Receives video streams from the players
  • The Game Logic instructs the streaming server on where to send each video stream
  • Encrypt the video streams for complete privacy and security
  • Record the video streams for future review of the games